We bring together industry leading experts to smash your business challenge.

When the advice you need isn't in your Rolodex or budget, that's where we come in.

Coming soon: Smash HQ

There wasn't a space for small town founders to learn about all the available funding options. So we created one.

  • find all our funding education content

  • get invites to all our events

  • learn about funding options to best fit your needs

  • meet entrepreneurs who have been in your position

  • crush your goals in our monthly traction program

  • connect with our angel investor club

  • and much more...

HQ construction is underway! Invitations will be shared through the Smash Newsletter.

Putting the fun into funding.

We make it possible to invest in talented founders building great companies in Western Colorado. Whether you're an experienced investor, or you've never heard of angel investing, we've got a spot for you.

💪 Support awesome founders.

As a member, you're invited to nominate founders for funding, join monthly candidate reviews, and grow your local angel chapter.

🎉 Attend funding parties.

We take over a local brewery so you can meet selected founders and be among the first to invest.

💸 Invest as little as $100.

With our low investment minimum, you can support multiple business each year. Expect 3 to 4 deals per quarter. Huzzah!

Not your typical angel club.

We do a few things differently to give angel investing the greatest impact for our rural Colorado communities.

  • We are open to all. We welcome both experienced accredited investors and enthusiastic unaccredited investors-to-be.

  • We are member-led. We've built member participation into every level of the club. Choose your level of engagement from voting on candidates to leading a local chapter.

  • We invest in both high-growth and local-scale businesses. We do this by offering different financing structures to match each kind of business. Come ready to learn!

  • We take no carry on investments. Instead, we simply invest our own money along side members.

Memberships open June 1st.

🚀 What you get access to.

  • Curated local business investments

  • Tools to nominate founders for funding

  • Monthly candidate reviews for funding selection

  • Private forum for deal discussions and breakdowns

  • Invitations to live funding parties and virtual founder Q&A

  • First access to invest, often with discounted pricing

  • Access to the Best Slope Angels team for questions and support

📣 Information Sessions

Chat directly with the Smash team to learn more about membership and how our investment process works.

RSVP for the next session. →

Make a difference with us.

👋 Hi, I'm Spencer Ingram, the creator behind Smash. I grew up in a small rural community where I watched the first stoplights pop up.Leaving my hometown took me around the world to help founders get funding in under-invested markets. I loved this work, and folks said I'm gosh-darn good at it.But I didn't need to fly halfway around the world to improve access to capital. We have this challenge right here at home.

Our small town founders shouldn't have to struggle because they don't have the networks to raise funding or the understanding of friendly capital alternatives. Building a business is hard enough. Funding shouldn't be.That's why Smash exists. Together, we help smash barriers to building great business in western Colorado. Even if you don't invest with dollars, join us as a resource to our rising entrepreneurs.

Common questions.

Can I be a member as an entrepreneur?

Absolutely. When you are ready to raise funding, you will know how the angel club can best support you.

Can I invest through an LLC or trust?

Yes. The transaction setup is simple and quick. The Smash team is available to help.

Do you have membership dues?

Yes. You can expect a low-cost monthly membership along with a no-cost option with limited participation benefits.

What is the time commitment?

You can participate in all parts of the club experience, or you can sit back and have us curate investments to select from.

How do I get a return on my investment?

That depends on what type of financing you participate in. We provide education on how each deal works. Investing involves risk. So only invest if it's right for you.

What if I can't join a funding party?

Following the funding party, we host a virtual meet-and-greet with founders and the funding window remains open remains until the round is full.

What if a round is oversubscribed?

Investments are open to all members as first come, first served. You will have information about each deal before the round opens. If the round fills quickly, the founder may open

I have many more questions.

As you should. We're here to make investing inclusive, educational, and fun. Start with an information session if this sounds like the kind of community for you.

Introducing the Community Round.

Smash exists to make local investing inclusive, educational, and fun. Together, we can generate the capital needed to help a wide range or businesses from the local coffee roaster to the next big thing.

We put money into the hands of talented founders to supercharge their business and do incredible things for our community.

How Smash Works

We help you make sense of founder-friendly funding options through education, events, and personal guides.

Get advice from founders who have been in your shoes, get funding faster, and get back to building your business.

The Hard Truth

Not every business is fundable today. We do our best to help, but sometimes you need to reach milestones to prove your business and reduce risk. We'll help you with that too.

What does this cost?

We help you match with money at no cost. Come say hello.

How much funding can I get?

We have funding options from as low as $5K to over $250K.

What if I don't want to give up ownership in my company?

You don't have to. We will show you options that best fit with what you want for your business.

Can I allow employees or customers to contribute to funding?

Yes! We call this a "Community Round" and we will help you learn if it is a fit for your business.

What counts as the west slope?

West Slope is anything outside of the urban areas of Denver, Boulder, CO Springs.

Grow faster, along side other founders.

Get weekly feedback and accountability to go from idea to customers to funding. Currently in a closed pilot. Opening soon.

Smash HQ

The wasn't a space for rural founders and investors to learn and connect. So we created one.What to expect at HQ:

  • find all our funding education content

  • get invites to all our events

  • build your pitch and get expert reviews

  • access Smash guides and office hours

  • crush weekly goals in our Traction Lab

  • join live co-working sprints

  • meet other ambitious founders

  • connect with our angel investors

HQ construction is underway! Invitations will be shared through the Smash Newsletter.